Story behind the Lifestyle Collection

The lifestyle collection was inspired by the ‘always on the move’ men. Minimalistic and contemporary design - created to compliment the physique and style of the hustlers. With this collection, FZGEAR is redefining the hard work of leisure.

 The first ever gym and lifestyle t-shirt created by FZGEAR. This collection tributes to the fast moving, active lifestyle to surpass barriers with strength and confidence. 

We strive to keep innovating quality athleisure. It’s more than just a routine, it’s a lifestyle.

Stay humble, hustle hard.



Why the hornet?

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I have received the package yesterday and wore it today to the gym for shoulder workout. I must say that I am so impressed with the fabric, material, cutting, design, stitches and the fine details of the shirt which is distinctively FZGEAR. This is truly a premium brand on par (actually even better) with other famous fitness wear.

The shirt fits me perfectly and is not hot to wear. Actually feels quite cool and wicks out sweat quite easily. Wearing it in the gym just makes me feel like I have all the energy to work out. LOL. I was even asked if this is the latest shirt from FZGEAR which I proudly said yes. FZGEAR is going towards the correct direction and I wish you and your team all the best in producing more products. Compression tights would be cool!


Zil Nadzim

Just got your new T in Blue. Loving the quality of the material. Its super comfy and breathable to train in. The Fit is ridiculously good and the sleeve length is just right. Most of the fitted t’s I wear have smaller size sleeves meaning they keep riding up and becoming uncomfortable during training. Great job!

Greg Meehan

Hi FZGEAR, just received both tshirts today and I was totally unexpected for it to arrive so fast! Honest review, wasn’t entirely sure when I put it on but later it just grew on me and I’m actually still wearing it while writing this to you. Overall, I’m really happy with the product and in the future when there’s a new product. I’ll surely buy it again (maybe a size bigger coz I’ll be making gains lol). Thanks again FZGEAR. Keep making effort and keep inspiring people.


Mohammad Iqmal

Hey FZGEAR, I have received the tshirt. I was really excited and had to try it on right away. First of all, you have a nice packaging, looks very exclusive and nice little note in the box. I have worn many different brands from Nike to Adidas to Under Armour to Lululemon and what not.

I can say that FZGEAR tshirt is very comfortable and it fits me well. It has a very light feeling, like you don’t really feel like you’re wearing a tshirt. FZGEAR has a bright future ahead. Can’t wait for what FZGEAR has for us in the future. Keep up the good work! HUSTLE!

Aiman Azizuddin

Bro, seriously the tshirts really blew my mind.. The feeling that I get wearing the tshirts is an experience like no other… Man, the fabric is as smooth as silk not forgetting the slick design.. Luckily I got both colours as the blue has an awesome line at the bottom.. I’m looking forward for more designs in the future, will keep supporting you brahh

Sheikh Hussin

Congratulation on your success. Great customer service. I have already received the package yesterday. The shirts look really good in grey. I’ve tried them on and they are very comfortable. Cant wait to wear them during workouts. Keep up the good work. Thank you and good luck for FZGEAR in the future. Hopefully more FZGEAR collection to come soon. Thanks and keep motivating others!


Muhammad Faiz

Hi FZGEAR, I have already received the parcel. The shirt has a VERY GOOD quality cloth, its very comfortable. I can’t wait to wear and go BEASTMODE in the gym, thank you very brother!!! I love the shirt so so so much... M size fits me very nice, looking forward for the FZGEAR’s new design shirts, and I will definitely buy again. I will promote your products to my family and friends. Thank you very much FZGEAR.

Yew Kit

Just thought I should give you some feedback on your tshrit and joggers. Honestly, it’s awesome! Extremely comfortable and the quality is top notch at a very reasonable price. I wound’t change a single bit. Keep it up man! Maintain the quality aite! FZGEAR will be international in no time insyaAllah

Muzaffar Kamaruzaman

Hey FZGEAR! Just wanna inform you that the tshirt just arrived. Amazing fit and quality, dare I say the best sports tshirt I’ve ever had! Also just wanna take the opportunity to tell you how big of an influence and inspiration you are on me and I’m sure I speak for many others when I say that. Hope to see FZGEAR grow in the future, and be sure to keep me updated on future products!

Adam Leong

Valiant Collection

Designed to compliment your physique


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  The lifestyle collection was inspired by the ‘always on the move’ men. Minimalistic and contemporary design - created to compliment the physique...


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Story behind the Limited Edition Collection

The responses for our first Limited Edition Collection brought forward a new journey for us.

We’ve got the World Bodybuilding Championship in 2016 to be thankful for. We started of as sponsors for team Malaysia to simply show love and support. It seemed that the participants who wore them had the nation’s spirit, and they were fighters who kept going. Since the event, we knew we wanted FZGEAR to be a supportive pillar to anyone who strives to be the best version of themselves.

Thanks to all your support, we’re able to spread the love to areas past Malaysia, such as Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Brunei, the UK, the USA and more.

We’re more determined than ever to grow the brand to reach endless possibilities.


Media Exposure..

FZGEAR was recently featured on Men's Health Magazine, Glam Magazine & also Malaysia Tatler. Without doubt this is just the beginning. More to come as we see more of #teamfzgear breaking boundaries #hustle

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