Why #hustlehard

If you ask me what is my motivation to get fit. It will definitely be the opportunity to go on an adventure! Allow me to share my experience going for the Annapurna-Circuit :)

The Annapurna-Circuit is a track that lies within the mountain range of central Nepal reaching the highest peak at Thorung La Pass (5416meters) and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and diverse long distance treks in the world!

While trekking I took several side trails that gave me the opportunity to see Tilicho Lake (4919meters), considered to be the highest lake of its size, and Poonhill (3210meters) with its beautiful view on several mountains like Dhaulagiri (8167meters) , which is the eight-highest mountain in the world. In total, I spend 18 days hiking.



Hiking for 18 days also means you have to carry all your belongings with you. In my case the weight I was carrying was around 15kg. Reaching higher areas you also have to consider the lack of oxygen, making it harder to breath (definitely do some research on how to avoid altitude sickness, when going on this kind of trips!). It makes sense to work on my stamina and overall strength.

For me though these trips, I managed to keep my motivation level high to train hard and stay fit!


Staying fit also gives you the opportunity to conquer the most beautiful spots in the world! At the end, views are even more enjoyable when you know it is your own achievement to be at the top!  

Thank you for your time,

Have fun training, stay motivated and #hustlehard

Love, Kerstin



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