Many people have misconceptions on achieving their ideal body.

People love the idea of “Get your dream body in just 8 weeks!”.

They think, just eight weeks. Meaning, 8 weeks of workout “torture” and diet, Boom! Dream body come true.  

People get sucked into the idea that the “discipline” lasts only a certain period of time, and once it's been achieved, they could continue on with their old lifestyle.  

We hate to break the bubble.

It doesn’t work that way.


At the end, it’s about sustainability and being consistent with a healthy lifestyle.

What does this mean?

When you’re done with your intensive workout program, still keep your diet healthy, maintain the drive to exercise.

Here’s a few tips to keep you fixated:

1)      Value your goal - see your goal as one of your top priorities. Foresee the benefits and how it’ll change your life. Mean it when you set your goals.

2)      Stick to the plan - strategize how you’re going to make it work. Plan ahead, schedule the times necessary for you to achieve.

3)      Don’t overwhelm yourself - it's awesome to dream big, but don’t bombard yourself with too many goals, or even don’t set goals that are unrealistic. Make small goals that will achieve to overall big picture.

4)      Accountability - so what happens if you don’t stick to it? The best way is to find a friend, partner or even a coach that will help you keep on track.

5)      Don’t wait for a “special day” - simply start now. Don’t set your goals because New Year’s coming up, birthday or whatever day which typically triggers self-reflection. If you want results, don’t want, just do it.

Stay Humble, Hustle Hard.



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