If you've been going to the gym all this while to move or lift weight hoping to lose tons of fat or pack on serious muscle, you might want to reconsider your strategy.

You see, moving or lifting weight is basically bringing the weight from point A to point B and repeating that pattern. What is very common is that we would pick up Dumbbells and do Biceps Curls for 12 reps, rest and repeat that movement. Am I right?

Now, everyone can somewhat move or lift a weight. Anyone in the gym for the first time can just pick up a weight and move it, literally everyone know what is a biceps curls is or at least have SEEN it before. Even my 5 year old niece can pick up a 5kg barbell and do couple of Shoulder Presses!!


Now, my clients are not paying me 100 bucks to teach them how to move weight. In fact, if you want know how to move weight, go Google or watch YouTube...

What you should be doing is engaging your muscles and develop a mind-muscle connection. Instead of moving the dumbbells, you should visualize your target muscle stretching and contracting as you're performing the exercise.


When you have a strong mind-muscle connection, you'll be able to use the right muscles accordingly. Example, if you are doing a push up, you should be feeling on your chest instead of other areas. If you are planking, you should feel it on the core not the shoulder or legs.


My advice to you is:

1.) Don't just move weight, know what exercises you are doing and what muscles are they working.

Isolation exercise like biceps curls engage only the biceps so you should feel the tension solely on the biceps.

Compound exercises such as the Barbell Squat engage multiple muscle at a time. When you are doing a barbell squat, your primary muscle is your quadriceps while secondary muscles glutes and hamstrings. Most of the tension should be felt at the quadriceps and your quadriceps should be fatigue before your secondary muscles.


2.) Learn the proper techniques on how to execute/perform the exercises.

Proper techniques and execution is important to ensure the right muscles are being engage when you’re doing the exercises.

This will lead to hypertrophy, improved strength and growth of the muscles.

If you don't use proper exercise technique when working out, the risk of injury is high.


3.) Developing mind-muscle connection takes time, be patience and keep practicing.

It’s a skill like any other that can be improved and developed over time.

One of my technique to improve mind mind connection in a muscle is to perform some activation drills before the workouts. Activation drills such as Isometric chest contraction where you engage and squeeze the chest muscle for 10 seconds to improve neural drive and get motors unit firing up in the chest. You should feel more on the chest when you perform your chest exercises next.


I can guarantee it will work wonders for growth, you are less likely to get injured and you discover veins you never thoughts u had!! Are you still going to move weight?


Signing off, 

Alvin Netto


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