Our first.

Our First.

Black Friday was such an experience for us.

We hope the same for you.

 A sincere thanks to the FZGEAR family for the support.

To anyone who recently purchased from us, welcome to the family!

What was in our mind?

Well we basically wanted to give back to the community. But we wanted the timing to be right.

Black Friday have been known to bring excitement, and some sort of organized chaos,

And for some reason it clicked.

We’re going to have a Black Friday Blowout.

We did.

We had fun with it.

Let’s just say we fought through the volume, and have successfully expended the family.


Our favorite part was, we saw a pattern of the purchases being as gifts.

We can’t be more honored to know that our pieces are being exchanged as gifts to loved ones.

The fact that we could be the reason of a warmer relationship, definitely warm our hearts.


In short, we couldn’t have been more grateful.

We’re going to keep going because of you.

Thank you.




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