Vision & Mission

Founded by Faiz Ariffin, a Malaysian born fitness enthusiast who seeks to inspire a healthy living. As Faiz managed to influence more people to strive for their best physique, he wanted to create a tighter community whom values align. The brand desire to act as a hub for people to support, grow and succeed together as a team.
At FZGEAR, we aim to bring you impeccable collections, pieces that would absolutely be timeless. We look for that sweet spot between design, comfort and affordability.
However, we wanted to go beyond. We want every piece that we create to put wearers into “the zone”. In our case, the zone of hard work, the zone of wanting to hustle and never giving up. FZGEAR is beyond just style and comfort, it’s about spirit and community.

Why the hornet?

We work as a community. We fight as a community.
We see many other animals represented as the spirit of courage, strength and perseverance. But not many represents the spirit of togetherness, the hustle of being in a team. We’re all about that.